Closing in on Springfield!

            Thursday, July 12.  Under sunny skies I headed off.  I was happy to escape the Super 8 in Normal.  No wireless, the room reeked of smoke & no ½ & ½.  I shan’t go back there.   I drove back to Towanda to check out the alignments & do the walk along the no longer used 2-lanes of old 66 at Wesley Boyd Park.  I could drive the very last segment of the walk.  Well worth the effort.    I wended my way thru Normal & Bloomington stopping at the McLean County Museum of History.  I could have spent more time there.    The Maple Sirup of Funk’s Grove is better than advertised.  I bought a bunch of ½ pint containers to be used as bribes when I stay with friends. 🙂  I also checked out the old, cutoff segment of 66 across the stream just before Funk’s Grove.  Interesting.    I had a good lunch at the Dixie Truck Stop.  In Atlanta I checked out the “Giant.”  It is a very nice small town.  I had a delightful chat with a 91 year old youngster who told me about the coming of 66 thru Atlanta.  This was in the small, but neat, Rt. 66 Park in the center of town.    I then pressed on to Springfield where I met up with a friend & his wife.  I have known Terry since 1968.  That much of the 60’s I DO remember. 🙂  He took me out for a Horseshoe!  Yummy!
            Friday, 13 July.  I went back to the outskirts of Atlanta before heading down 66.    At Lincoln I checked out the buildings which often date back many a year.  Then there was the spot where Abe Lincoln christened the newly established town of Lincoln with a cup of Watermelon juice in 1853.  I checked out some 66 that disappeared into the woods.  I can see a car driving down the road and fading away.  Theme from the Twilight Zone is now heard!  I also found some 66 which might double as a tank trap.    In Broadwell I visited the site of the Pig Hip Restaurant & Museum which sadly burned down a short while ago.  Ernie Edwards is a delight.  He told me stories for about 30 minutes.  I had to buy his book about his life on 66.    After taking pictures of the giant silos in Elkhart, I was hungry so I drove into the village & had a nice snack in the Bluestem Bake Shop.  I recommend the place: Good food & service.    I drove thru Williamsville & found the answer to the Scavenger Hunt Question.  There are a couple of alignments here.


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