Wood & Brick

            Driving along Rt. 66 in Chicago and thru various neighborhoods I was reminded that Chicago is a “Brick City.”    What I mean here is that most of the homes and 2 & 3 story buildings are made of brick.  There are very few “wood” buildings.  This gives a very “certain” feeling as I drove thru the various parts of the city.    I wonder if this is a result of the Chicago Fire.  Building codes may have required brick as opposed to wood.
            Oh yes, in Chicago one finds few “4” or more story buildings.  Ther is a jump from 3 to about 10 or more stories.  Unlike NYC with 6 story walkup [also found in such places a Paris] you will find only 3 story buildings.  I’m given to understand, there was an ordinance passed back in the very early years of the 20th century which required elevators in all buildings of 4 or more stories.  Hence, you won’t find any or very, very few.  Again, this imparts a very different feel to the city compared to other cities.


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