Goofing off in Chicago & environs

            Thursday, 5 July.  A relatively quiet day.  I headed out early so I could sample one of Henry’s Hot Dogs.  It was worth it.  The “dog” was quite tasty.  It must be a “kosher hot dog” as they have taste.  Then a leisurely drive to Romeoville & Fat Ricky’s.  I used the wait time to good advantage by relaxing & reading.    Lulu showed up a little bit before 5 bringing a well thumbed tour book for IL.  We nattered away & discussed all the many things to see on the way down 66.    Right about 6 Kat & Darren Sloan arrived.  The conversation was heavy, & we had to remember to order the pizza.  This was Kat & Lulu’s first meeting, tho they had exchanged much via the ether.    Eating between words we finished up by amusing the other patrons as we took many photos.  Pixels are cheap!  I showed Darren my car as he is interested in such things.  I really like my Saturn Red Line.  It is fast when I need it to be as it is supercharged.  The racing seats aren’t too shabby either.    We finally broke up at about 9.  A most excellent evening.
            Friday, 6 July.  I got a leisurely start to the day.  I took the CTA downtown.  I’m not driving in workaday traffic in Chicago’s center.  No place to park either.    I 1st visited Roosevelt University.  I got my BS from here in 61.  I then headed across the street to get photos of Buckingham Fountain.  It is such a neat fountain.  The place was packed with tourists as “A Taste of Chicago” was on.  Along he way I ran into some German tourists & was able to try out my very rusty German on them.  It was fun to do.  I don’t get much chance to speak any German.    I nattered with a number of other tourists, gave out some Rt. 66 e-group cards, talked about Tolkien & Upfield.  Delightful.    I walked over to the Sears Tower, but it was getting late, & I didn’t care for the hour wait.  Maybe tomorrow.    Had breakfast at Denny’s for dinner. 🙂  — Read some.  Finished Shane Maloney’s latest Murray Whalen novel.  Excellent as usual.


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