From Albany to Cleveland!

Up far too early.  However, I did head out at the time I wanted which was 0900.    As is my want I started the drive by listening to the sound track from TLOTR.  Overall the drive was easy and delightful.    I drove thru mainly woods in their deep summer green foliage.  Too many folk think, asphalt, when someone says NY.  Upstate NY is oh so beautiful.  New England ain’t too shabby either.    I took my time under mostly sunny skies.  The most clouds I ran into were around Buffalo.  Traffic for the most part was light.  I took some photos around Angola.  Shortly thereafter the clouds blew away and I drove on under sun.    As it was in the upper 60’s/lower 70s F/ around 20 C I didn’t have to put on the AC.  Even in cool temps cars can heat up under the sun.    I got to my Motel 6 just at the junction of I-480 & I-80.  It has broadband.  Funny, I could receive email, but couldn’t send it.  ARGH!    All in all it was a good day, tho it will get better once I can send email.  Maybe  tomorrow  in Chicago at the Super 8.


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