Home from Clinton – Getting ready for the trek!

Sunday was a quiet day with most folk either having left or in the process.  I caught up with some email & posted to here.  —  That evening I joined Ace Jackalope, Bob Waldamire, Georgette and a little bit later Kat & Darren from Oz at dinner.  It was a most delightful time.  —  Georgette, Ace & I drove out to the White Dog for dessert, but it was closed due to plumbing problems.  ARGH!  —  On Monday I chatted with a few folk, Swa gave me a bunch of cards to hand out to potential roadies, and headed to OKC.  The flight back was more or less on time.  It was good to get home.

I picked up my car on Tuesday, having left it at Saturn for its 36K service & detailing.  Triple Deuce was nicely tarted up for the trip.  I affixed the magnetic ROUTE 66 shield to the hood.  —  I’ve spent the week so far slowly getting ready for the trip beginning on Sunday.  Saturday, up way too early, will be a big laundry & packing day.

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