Getting to Clinton!

   Up too early in order to take my car in for its service.  They gave me a lift to the airport.  The flights to OKC were fine.  A small delay in leaving Chicago, but the pilot made up some time.

   I picked up my hire car and set off for Clinton.  As it was already 1815 when I left, I headed for the super slab, sorry about this, and Clinton.

   As I headed off into the sunset, I enjoyed the various cloud shapes.  There were several towering thunderheads, tho no anvil tops that I could see.  I did see rain pouring down from several of them.

   I managed to only get a little bit lost finding the motel, The Hampton Inn. 

   Once in the motel I was only delayed a little bit due to meeting up with folk already arrived for the festival.  I finally got my stuff dumped in the room and joined some others.  Shortly thereafter we headed out for dinner.  It was quite nice Italian food.  The prices were right as well. 

   Much talk and good food later we returned to the hotel and sleep.  However, I wanted to check out my computer first.  Could I access the internet as promised? 

   Crikey!  Not only could I do so, but I could also use my Road Runner connection.  No hassle with using a webmail link.  I could use Outlook Express and have access to my address book, etc.  Good-Oh!  I was able to clear some email.

   Slept in a little bit before wandering about.  Over brekkie I chatted with a chap who publishes a weekly newspaper and got into a neat discussion on old-style printing.  It brought back memories.

   The hotel link was down.  Better still I headed over to the Route 66 Museum.  Neat museum.  Spent some of my ill gotten gains on T-shirts & a big magnetic “Route 66” placard I can stick on the hood of my car for the drive!

   Had a nice chat with a fellow roadie who just happens to be the chap who did had Ace Jackalope lead chocolate bunnies and peeps in rebellion in Lope of the Peeps .  Sigh!

   More later.

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