I even had a few lines before I was hit with the beer bottle.

Last night I was the bartender in a short local fim.  For my troubles I got hit wil a beer bottle!  Well, actually we hope, it will look as if I was hit with a beer bottle in the film.  Nice mats to fall on.

I’ve been messing around with film for the last few years.  It is actually the fault of Mary Satlin & Kim Smith.

Mary was working at the time as Registrar at Columbia College Hollywood, a small film school.  Kim had me employed as a paleontology teacher for 11 year olds for a month in the San bernardino Mts.  He writes screenplays & his writing partner had a film in a festival along the route I was taking heading home.

The festival was fun.  It got me thinking of hosting one in Albany for SF style films.

This never came to be, but I hooked up with Upstate Independents a local group of independent film makers. 

I’ve had the chance to work as an extra and as a PA.  It is great fun.

Film making is interesting, fascinating, boring, tedious, but never exciting.  If it is exciting on the set, then something is going very, very wrong.  🙂

More anon!


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