Soon to be on the road!

This is my first post of, I hope, many detailing my adventure of driving Rt. 66 from the start in Chicago to the finish in LA.

Being from Chicago Rt.66 has been with me for a long time.  I drove parts of it in the 50’s & 60’s without really noticing.  After all, there was no other way to get to LA and back.

A  good friend, Barb Brown, got me to join the Rt. 66 e-list reawakening my interest in The Road.

After my planned trip in 05 was canceled due to my having to deal with a minor difficulty, prostate cancer, I found 007  would be a good year to give it another go.

So far things are working out.  If all goes well, I will set out on Sunday, 1 July for parts west & south.  My eta in LA is 1 OCT.  I may not see & do everything or meet everyone, but I plan to see & do a lot and take many a photo.  Pixels are cheap. 🙂

More anon!


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